Ishida Women's Clinic

Welcome to professional women's health care and birth control in Osaka with full English support.

Ishida Women's Clinic, conveniently located in Morishoji, just a few minutes from Kyobashi on the Keihan line, is pleased to help with all of your health and family planning needs in our clean, safe and private clinic. Whether it is a routine checkup, questions about your health, birth control, delivery or an emergency, you can be sure that you can get great care in comfort at Ishida Women's Clinic.

Who are we?

The Ishida Clinic is a family run maternity and gynecological clinic endorsed by the Japanese government as a "Chosen Clinic" under the Mother's Body Protection Law.

Dr. Takahiko Ishida, his wife Kayoko Ishida who is the administrator of the clinic and a team of fully trained nurses have been proudly caring for women for 22 years.

Dr. Ishida graduated from Showa University and spent 20 years in sports medicine before switching to obstetrics and gynecology and opening Ishida Clinic. Dr. Ishida is also an anesthesia specialist and a member of the Tokyo Private Clinic Operating Doctors Group and The Gynecological and Obstetrics Society of Japan.

Mrs. Ishida studied English at Chofu University, is an art and music enthusiast, a mother of two boys and a world traveler who will personally attend to international patients and be in the room for all consultations and procedures. Mrs. Ishida is looking forward to helping tourists and Osaka based foreign women.

What do we do?

Women's Health Care

At the Ishida Clinic women's health is our primary concern. Regular scheduled checkups will allow you to monitor your health and help avoid illness. We feature the latest available technology to ensure your health is monitored in privacy and comfort.

Your health is important to us at Ishida Clinic. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get checkups regularly. Early detection of any illness can save your life.

Birth Control

There are several birth control options available for women in Japan. Please come and talk to Mrs. Ishida about the pill, product or procedure that is best for you. Ishida Clinic provides patients with full English documentation for all products and services to make your decision informed and safe.

Having a baby is an important decision; if you are not ready for this, we can compassionately help you terminate your pregnancy.


Having a baby is a marvelous time in your life. We would be pleased to care for you during all steps of your pregnancy to ensure you are healthy, well informed and relaxed.

Mrs. Ishida will discuss your pregnancy and create a schedule of checkups for you. You will be monitored closely during the full term of your pregnancy to assure the health of you and your baby. We are pleased to offer personal support in English throughout your pregnancy.

Our delivery and rest areas are clean, bright and modern. Mrs. Ishida is pleased to prepare healthy and delicious home cooked meals for you in your private room while you rest after giving birth. You are more than welcome to have guests in your room and in our common areas. Anything you need to make your childbirth experience more comfortable will be provided by Dr. Ishida and Mrs. Ishida 24 hours a day as they live on premises.

Ishida Women's Clinic Hours

The Ishida Women's Clinic is conveniently open until 8:00 p.m. to accommodate professional women.

Where are we?

Conveniently located in Morishoji, Osaka just a few minutes from Kyobashi on the Keihan line, the Ishida Clinic has been proudly serving the needs of women for 22 years.

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Please take the Keihan local train from Yodoyabsashi (12 minutes) or Kyobashi (5 minutes) to Morishoji station. When you arrive in Morishoji please exit to the right. After exiting the station please turn right and walk straight for 50 meters. You will see Ishida Women's Clinic in a large white building on your right.

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How do I pay?

Ishida Women’s Clinic accepts Japanese national insurance, foreign insurance programs, VISA card, Pitapa and cash. If you do not have insurance, Mrs. Ishida will provide you with the necessary forms to get insured and help you submit them.

Contact >> Mrs. Ishida: or

For questions or emergency please call Mrs. Ishida 080-5069-3324


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